Ft Lauderdale Mover Review by Jeff R.

It's uncanny how many companies I encounter (especially in South Florida) that have me convinced incompetency is an epidemic. So it's quite refreshing when I come across a business worth bragging about, and in this case, that very business is Bekins. I was so impressed with how carefully "Derrick's Crew" at Bekins handled the 200 pieces of art I needed delivered that I felt compelled to write a letter to the company to compliment them, not only on the service and the handling of the product, but also on the crew that did the job. The way they pampered each of the 200 pieces, along with their pleasant personalities, actually made the entire experience an enjoyable event. (Thank you, Derrick's Crew ... you are great guys and you did a great job! I'm sure your mothers are proud of you, too!) I said in my letter to the company that "if the way Derrick's Crew handled the move was an indication of how Bekins operates as a whole I wouldn't doubt if they were voted Best Moving Company Ever." Little did I know that's exactly what they were voted! (I later saw such awards on their website after sending the letter.) And while on the website (in order to write this review) I also read that the company was started in 1891 "with a commitment to become the most trusted moving and storage company in America." Guess what ... mission accomplished!