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Why should you choose Bekins of South Florida for your corporate relocation? Here are several reasons why:

Our Outstanding People

Our large network of agents across the country ensures your transferees of a qualified local contact ready to perform all tasks associated with the point of origin (estimating, packing, etc.) and destination (unpacking, assembly, etc.). Your employees will find comfort in the consistency and professionalism of our agents' communications and procedures.

Our drivers are among the best trained in the industry-successfully completing rigorous internal and industry-wide training programs with continuous above-average performance records.

Our driver retention rate, which exceeds the industry average, testifies to our excellent driver programs and the driver-value bestowed by Bekins.

All of our sales, customer service, operational and claims personnel go through training programs to ensure your employees top-rate service

A Few of Our Unique Benefits

For executive relocations, the details are just as important as the big picture especially when you're making a carrier selection affecting your employee group.

With Bekins, you'll feel at ease knowing we've developed and fine tuned the following key programs that respect your co-workers' time and household goods to ensure the smoothest move possible.

Only One Carrier with 100% CPM Certified Owner-Operators
"Excellence" describes our driving force. Not only does Bekins take pride in having the most Certified Professional Movers (CPMs) in the industry, but also has one of the most advanced, custom-built, state-of-the-art driver training facilities in the nation.

Other Bekins Corporate Moving Benefits
There's more. In fact, there's everything you'd expect from the nation's oldest and most experienced transcontinental mover.

  • Single account executive contact for the entire relocation process (pre-move, move, and post-move),
  • Full use of advanced technology linking agents and accounts with direct and immediate access to registration, shipment traces, driver and routing information, complete electronic billing, and more.
  • A dedicated Bekins "Move Management" group

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