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Bekins of South Florida is proud to offer our residential and commercial customers the quality, affordable storage opportunities they deserve. We understand your needs will be unique so we are always open to create individual packages to satisfy all demands. One of the more favorable aspects of storing your belongings with Bekins of South Florida is that our storage is full service. We'll pick up your belongings, store them, and deliver them to your doorstep on your timeline. Our warehouse crews are always on-call during business hours and ready to transport your belongings at a moment's notice.

And when it comes to a safe and secure storage facility, no one can offer what Bekins of South Florida can. In addition to full security and fire protection, all stored items are placed in secure vaults which are thoroughly inventoried for quick access and easy identification. This means the grounds are secure, your items are in a vault, and our modern catalog system allows us locate them right away. What else could you ask for?

South Florida Storage

Well there is one more thing - climate control. Although it should be mandatory, not all companies operating a storage facility in South Florida provide a climate-controlled environment.  Allowing your items to be subjected to our area's humidity can damage and even ruin most belongings.  We would be more than happy to give you a free tour of the facility to show you exactly how we run things any time you can stop by. Here are the two most common types of storage we offer:

Household Storage
Do you have holiday decorations taking up space in your garage? What about the old furniture hogging your spare bedroom? Get your space back with household storage.

Commercial Storage
Extra desks, furniture, computer equipment, and artwork can turn your once spare office into a storage closet. Store your commercial items professionally and securely with us.

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