Preparing for and executing a move is hard enough. Add in sweltering summer temperatures and humidity and it can be downright unbearable. Even if you have air conditioning, all of the extra body movement you engage in while you pack, not to mention the fact that your doors probably remain open to the outdoors as you come and go, make it almost impossible to avoid perspiration and overheating.

If you’re planning a move during the hottest time of year, read on for tips from our household movers on how to stay cool and refreshed while you tackle this huge project.

Drink Plenty of Water

This tip is somewhat obvious, but never underestimate the importance of staying hydrated when doing any kind of physical activity, especially when the sun is blazing and temperatures are off the charts. Most health authorities recommend you drink about half a gallon of water per day, which breaks down to eight 8-ounce glasses. If you’re moving big boxes or packing up a hot, stuffy room, drink even more to be safe.

Save Strenuous Tasks for Early Morning or Later in the Evening

Typically, it takes a while for the sun to get high in the sky, after which it turns your home into a virtual oven. Try getting up early in the morning, when temperatures haven’t gotten out of control yet. You’ll be able to move boxes, take apart furniture, and pack without getting overheated. Same goes for the evening—you’ll have the chance to tackle your to-do list without feeling the sizzling effects of the sun. Use the hottest parts of the day to rest, eat, or make plans for your move that don’t involve much physical activity.

Tweak Your Interior for More Comfort

You may not realize just how far a few tiny changes can go to keep your interior a few crucial degrees cooler. When the sun comes out, make sure all of your blinds and curtains are closed. Set up fans throughout the house to maximize air flow. Open windows wide when cooler breezes start blowing.

Dress for Warm Weather

Though shorts or a sundress and flip flops may sound ideal for hot weather, it’s probably not best for moving day, when you’re going to be on your feet a lot and exerting yourself physically. Try a cotton T-shirt and loose running shorts, plus tennis shoes and a light hat. Be sure to wear sunscreen if you think you may find yourself in direct sunlight for long periods. And remember: don’t push yourself too hard. There’s no shame in taking as many breaks as you need.

Enlist the Help of Professional Movers

Not too thrilled about the prospect of conducting a move under the sizzling-hot sun? When you hire the expert movers at Bekins of South Florida, you can sit back and stay cool while the professionals handle it all. We’ve been helping customers in the state with their moving projects for more than 50 years. We specialize in full-service local, international, and long distance moving—we can even take care of all of your packing and crating needs. Hire us for your project and you won’t have to break a sweat at all.