Moving can be an extremely stressful process, especially when you have pets running underneath your feet. This can be very dangerous for both your moving team and your furry friend. At Bekins of South Florida we have some great tips to help you best take care of your pets during your next move. From beginning to end we want to ensure both your household items and your pets make a smooth transition. Follow these simple steps and tips to give yourself a smooth residential moving experience.

Invest in a Pet Sitter for Local Moves

If you have friends or family that would be willing to watch your pet for free this is a great tool to use during your next local move. It is even better if your designated person will watch your pet for free. There are a lot of benefits in having a secure location outside of the home for your pet to stay, but we consider the most important one to include keeping every one’s stress levels down.

Give Your Pet Their Favorite Items

If your beloved pet has a favorite toy or treat, your next move is the perfect time to give it to them. If your pet has to be in your home during your next move, this will help keep them occupied and keep them out of the doorways where your moving team will be working.

Stock Up for Long-Distance Traveling

When you are preparing for your next long-distance move, it is important to keep your pet in mind. During a long car ride it is important to make sure you have enough food, sanitary, and comfort supplies for the entire trip. It may also be best to pack a little extra just in case your do-it-yourself move gets derailed.

Make a Plan for a Local Veterinarian

Your first thought when moving to a new place may not be to find your furry friend a veterinarian, but it is important to be prepared just in case an unexpected emergency happens. Some vet offices take months to get into, so we suggest you call and make your yearly checkup as soon as you know where you are moving.

Exotic Animals and Pet Restrictions

Not all states allow exotic pets. It is important to check each state’s regulations to see what restrictions and requirements you have to meet in order to have an exotic animal. If you are moving internationally, we suggest you check the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s website for helpful information about what pets are allowed to come to your new home.

Moving Your Pets Home

Relocating an animal may not be as simple as putting your dog or cat in a car. If you are moving an aquarium, terrarium, habitat, or cage it is important to properly protect the habitat against any potential damage. If you are not sure how to properly pack these items you can always ask your local moving company for assistance.

Pet Shipping Companies

When you are completing a long distance move it may be more efficient to have your pet shipped to you than to travel with your pet. Look into a local moving company that offers safe and affordable pet transportation. The International Pet and Animal Transportation Association can be a great resource for shipping specialists.

For all of your moving needs do not hesitate to reach out to Bekins of South Florida. Our moving and storage company will happily help you find the best solution for your furry friends and your household items. We cannot wait to talk with you about how to make your move successful.