Once you've decided to relocate your business to a more suitable location, your next step is planning the move. Commercial relocations of any size can seem daunting, so it's important to plan accordingly.

As an experienced commercial moving company, we have helped numerous businesses transition smoothly. This article will discuss ways to improve planning for a business move.

Planning for Future Growth

When relocating to a new business location, it's best to consider the possibilities your business has at the new location. If your business outgrows your location, having flexibility can help you expand quickly. 

Choose a commercial building that can accommodate a sudden increase in your business's success. Additionally, you can rent a facility on a short-term lease or own a property in an area that is open to construction expansion projects. 

Planning for Employees

A business is nothing without its employees, so you should spend significant time considering the needs of your staff. If you are planning a business move, you should announce the relocation plans and give your workers plenty of time to plan ahead. 

When picking a new business location, you should also determine if it's an attractive destination for workers. Your new location should preferably have a convenient commute or be close to public transportation. 

If the relocation distance is significant, you should help employees coordinate their relocation with a moving provider. Additionally, you should pack their workspaces individually for a hassle-free setup experience.

Planning for Downtime

One of the biggest challenges for businesses when relocating is minimizing downtime. While you can't completely avoid delays in normal operations, you can adjust the schedule to fit your business better.

If your business operates during a standard workweek, you can schedule the move for the weekend. When your business operates daily, you can move specific departments in shifts to the new location or set up temporary offices. 

Planning a Budget

Maintaining a budget is crucial for a business move and requires attention from every owner. Before deciding if moving your business is ideal, you should spend considerable time determining the costs and benefits.

Additionally, you should research the moving costs of various locations suitable for your business. From the local tax rates to public transportation options, you should have in-depth knowledge of your potential business locations. 

Plan With Professionals

If you want a smooth transition to your next location, you should work with an experienced moving company. Professional commercial movers will have the experience to help you reduce downtime and stay within your budget. 

When choosing a professional moving provider, you should look for the following characteristics:

  • Full-Service Moving
  • Office Furniture Assembly/Disassembly Options
  • Industry Accolades and Awards

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