You’ve probably heard plenty of horror stories about Miami movers! Perhaps they showed up late in run-down trucks, and they didn’t have the right equipment. Maybe they broke several treasured items and now there’s little hope of a refund. If the company looked capable online but was disappointing in person, they might have sold the move instead of serviced it. A company that sells a move contracts it out to a local moving company and takes a cut of your money. When selling a move, there’s no way to ensure quality or consistency.

Find a moving company in Miami that will service your move, like Bekins of South Florida! As you would naturally expect, movers who service a move handle the entire process from start-to-finish, ensuring quality and handling disputes if they arise. Researching your moving company is essential if you want the best service! There are several reliable ways to make sure your movers are servicing your move:

  • Check for a Local Address
If your movers have a local address, it’s more likely that they’ll be servicing your move.
  • Tour the Facility
If they have a warehouse nearby, they should allow you to tour it. If they refuse, warning bells should go off, and it might be a good idea to consider another moving company. When touring the warehouse, make sure the employees seem professional and the equipment looks new.

Your top South Florida movers at Bekins will ensure that your move is seamless from start-to-finish! We’ve serviced all of our moves in South Florida for over 50 years, and have earned an A+ rating with the BBB in the process. Contact us today and let us know how we can assist you!