Are you preparing for an upcoming move? If so, let Bekins of South Florida provide you with some moving tips to make for a smooth and headache free move! 1. Make reservations or contact a moving company 2-4 weeks ahead of time before your upcoming move. 2. Please do NOT use duct tape. Packing tape is your best friend throughout this process. 3. Books are heavy! Make sure not to over pack a box with your favorite books. Someone may break their back and your books may fall out. 4. Make sure to label all boxes based on where they belong. Not only helpful to your friendly moving company, but it will save you some time trying to track down a missing box. 5. Printed newspaper is out. When wrapping china or breakable items, invest in bubble wrap. Your valuables will be safe and when your move is over, you have something to entertain yourself.

Stay tuned for more moving tips to make your life a little less hectic!

-Bekins of South Florida