There are many questions when moving.  At some point during your relocation, you will be faced with the question of receiving an in-home estimate.  You’ve already gotten your quote online so why receive another estimate?

An in-home estimate can account for belongings that an online survey can’t.  Online quotes are only ballpark estimates, whereas in-home estimates provide a much more accurate number.

You need to know how your moving company is charging you.  A reliable moving company in Ft. Lauderdale, like Bekins of South Florida, will often calculate costs based upon both mileage and the weight of your shipment.  The price of specialized services can also be added to this.

Getting an in-home estimate gives you an opportunity to decrease your costs.  If your number comes back higher than you would have liked, you still have an opportunity to throw out or donate items you don’t need to move.  This will often save you a lot of money with your moving company.

So, why get an in-home estimate?  Most trustworthy Ft. Lauderdale moving companies, like Bekins of South Florida, will offer you a free in-home estimate that can save you time and hassle later on in your move.