You’ve probably heard horror stories about so-and-so Ft. Lauderdale moving company before – how they broke items, charged extra fees, or weren’t ready on the scheduled date. It’s easy to write the company off as “untrustworthy movers.” True or not, it’s important to consider what went wrong during the moving process that led to unwelcome surprises on moving day.

In any type of move, communication is the major factor that determines a good experience or a nightmare. But what should you communicate to your movers, and what should they communicate back to you? Our dependable Ft. Lauderdale movers at Bekins of South Florida complete successful relocations every day, and have some tips to guarantee effective communication on both ends and, hopefully, a positive experience:

  • Explain/Understand the Details in the Estimate
Make sure your mover explains the terms in the estimate and other paperwork to you, and that you understand every detail! This is imperative for avoiding unexpected charges later on.
  • Access to Documents
Choose a mover who can give you easy access to your documents (digital is best), and who promptly responds to your requests.
  • Budget and Cost
Your movers should be aware of any budgetary restrictions on your part, and they’re responsible for communicating the cost of your move openly and honestly.
  • Moving Date
Determine a firm date and schedule with your movers that you’re both able to stick to.
  • Specialized Items
Let your moving company in Ft. Lauderdale know about any delicate or high-value items that require extra care in advance.
  • Regulated/Restricted Items
Tell your movers in advance if you have plants, firearms, or other items to move that are subject to interstate regulations. This will help you avoid surprises on moving day, and give you time to make alternate plans.


Don’t delay any longer, and give Bekins of South Florida a call today! We’ll happily work with you on every detail to guarantee a successful relocation.