When people think of South Florida, one of the first images that comes to mind is of a long stretch of sand with cool blue waves lapping at the shore and a warm sun shining overhead. Every beach is different, but I’ve found that South Florida beaches have a special quality that few other places in the world can match. The South Florida movers at Bekins of South Florida share my opinion on some of the best beaches in the area. When I want to relax after a long day at the office or soak up some sun on a lazy Saturday afternoon, some of the first places that come to mind are:
  • Virginia Key Beach
This quiet beach by Miami is ideal for unwinding whenever I prefer a more relaxing, reflective day out. There are fewer tourists and other distractions around, and the warm golden sand is inviting for sunbathing or sitting and reflecting. Before I go back for the evening I make sure to watch the sun set over the Miami skyline.
  • Delray Beach
For a more active day out with friends I make sure to visit Delray Beach. You’ll find everything you need for a fun afternoon here: two miles of golden sand, cool water and waves ideal for surfing. Fly a kite or set up a volleyball net with some friends, then kick back and relax in the sun.
  • South Beach
Of course, most South Florida residents or out-of-stater’s have heard of South Beach. Even if the tourist scene doesn’t appeal to you, anyone can appreciate the balmy weather and wide selection of great restaurants and entertainment. One of my favorite parts of South Beach (besides the swimming) is the art deco architecture further back on shore.

If you need a moving company in South Florida, go with Bekins – they’ll be able to recommend some great beaches to visit as you unwind after your move. Choose the right South Florida moving company, and you’ll be forming your own opinions about “the best South Florida beaches” sooner than you think!