Leaving items behind is quite common.  If it isn’t in a box, it may not be taken.

Bekins of South Florida, a Miami Moving Company, has over 50 years of experience in the moving industry and they have seen people leave all sorts of things.  We have compiled a list of the top ten things people tend to forget to help you remember them!

1.  Cleaners- Did you recently take some clothes to the cleaner?  Be sure to pick them up before you head out of town.

2.  Records- Doctor, dentist, vet, school, etc. those are all records you may need to take with you.  Talk to your doctor, dentist, or vet to see if you need to get copies before you leave.

3.  Bills- Keep track of all of your bills to ensure they are all being paid.  Also, be sure to cancel utilities before you leave.  You don’t want to get charged for the new homeowners’ usage!

4.  Contacts- Bring your address and phone book.  Even if you think you have their information memorized, you will probably forget it at some point in time.

5.  Old Keys- Make sure you leave your keys and garage door opener at your old house.  You don’t live there anymore so hand over all of those extra keys.

6.  New Address- Moving day is so busy you may forget your new address.  It is always a good idea to have a record of it on you just in case.

7.  Pets- Confirm that you have a method of transportation for your furry friend and make sure to collect all of their toys and bowls before you leave.

8.  Hidden Gems- Do you have any valuables hidden?  Whether it is buried in your yard or somewhere around the house, make sure you retrieve all of your precious items before you leave.

9.  Final Clean- Leave out some cleaning supplies so you can leave your house in great condition for the new owners…or you could hire someone.

10.  Bank- Unexpected expenses are part of moving.  Open your new account before you move so you have easy access to cash.

With all the chaos of moving, it’s no wonder things get left.  Having a plan before you move will help minimize these accidents. 

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