Moving to Miami is a time-consuming and stressful ordeal that takes its toll on parents, kids, and even pets. Having serviced the Miami area for over fifty years, Bekins of South Florida has long been familiar with the moving process and with the most popular time for moving upon us, we’ve written a little guide to help you manage your plan, anxiety, and money.

Your movers are your partners
Selecting your moving company is a critical first step in any move. Like Bekins of South Florida, your Miami moving company should have an A+ BBB rating, be an agent of a major van line, have glowing reviews and references, and be licensed and insured. This ensures that your Miami movers are experts that will handle your items with care, are equipped with all the pads, dollies, and skids to handle your large and small items, that you aren’t liable for a worker’s injury, and that the business itself operates with a high standard of professionalism. Your movers should be your relocation partner—not your hires—ready to answer your questions, work with you to create a moving plan, and listening to your concerns.

A little elbow grease can save you money

An inexpensive mover may be indicative of poor equipment, no insurance, and cheap work ethic, so while a reputable moving company may cost a little more, there are steps you can take to make sure you’re not sacrificing quality without breaking the bank. A good moving company will help you to create a plan to fit your budget, but you can expedite this process by electing to pack and prepare your own belongings.

This means that while you spend a little more time packing your own items, movers will spend less time on the actual relocation and therefore save you money. In anticipation of your move, save boxes you get from online purchases and save newspapers for wrapping delicate glassware. Be sure to create an inventory, get rid of all unnecessary items, and label all your boxes so you know exactly what item is in what box. Labeling items with tags like “fragile” are also useful for both you and the movers so everything can get to its destination safely, and investing in Styrofoam chips can greatly cushion your delicate items.

Reduce family anxiety with simple steps

Leaving everything you know for a strange place can be upsetting for both kids and pets. To offset relocation anxiety, keep your children informed of the move and help them visualize their new home by taking them to visit places of interest like playgrounds, schools, parks that are in your new area or view these spots online. Get them involved and excited for the move by having them take their time packing their own belongings in advance, or helping to decide how they want their new room to be painted or set up. Keeping familiar comfort items for both kids and pets is an important way to reduce stress. Favorite toys, blankets, and snacks will help them stay comfortable and relaxed during the time of transition.

Pets specifically feed off of their owner’s energy and are just as attached to their home and territory as any human. With strangers handling their stuff, stress from the owners, and their home being dismantled, pets may react unpredictably or protectively. Keep your pets in the car or their crate away from movers with their favorite toys, or have the pets stay with a friend or family member to be picked up later. Have treats ready to reward any relaxed behavior and if possible, keep them with you while you travel. When you arrive, be sure to let your pet sniff its new surroundings and explore the home while you set up its food and water bowl, as well as its bed.

Procrastination will not only hurt you, it’ll cost you

The secret to a successful move is planning. Many companies offer discounts for mid-month moves to off-set the end of the month rush. A mid-month move also means that with more crews and trucks available, you’ll have timing flexibility and options open to you. After figuring out exactly when it is you want to move, book with your moving company as far in advance as possible to ensure you get the date and availability you need. Last-minute moves—especially in the Spring and Summer months—can leave you with unqualified and inexperienced movers that run the risk of losing your belongings, damaging your furniture, or using faulty equipment that could potentially injure a worker.

Another common issue to consider in advance is early possession. To avoid the awkward problem of not moving out in time for your new owners to move in, have your movers arrive a day earlier to take their time loading all non-essential items into the truck. This means your movers aren’t rushing and neither are you. On the day of the actual move, your movers will return to load your beds, essential items, and valuables to have you ready and out by noon, giving the keys to the new owners.
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