Are you are looking to relocate your South Florida residence into something that's more accommodating to your current needs? Are you researching specialized care facilities as a potential long-term living arrangement? If you or a loved-one is in the latter stages of life and needs to relocate, you should strongly consider hiring senior moving professionals that are trained in the unique requirements of moving older adults.

As we get older we often require assistance when conducting tasks involving manual labor. Moving a household is no exception. Extensive packing, wrapping, crating and heavy lifting does not rank high on anybody's wish-list. So when the need to relocate arises, it is natural to consider the services of a moving company. Since older adults can have different needs than younger adults and families, you should consider hiring professionals that have been specially trained to move older adult households.

In this era of emails and texting, in-person and verbal communication is getting harder to come by. When seeking answers to major life events,sometimes it is nice to be able to sit down and speak with someone.  Since a household move is a major life event, it makes sense that you may have many questions about the process and available options. Working with a Senior moving company that understands the communication preferences of older adults can help alleviate any uncertainties regarding the transition.

During the course of your life, you will have likely acquired many items of financial and sentimental value. Properly trained movers know how to pack, wrap and pad these items for transport and storage; helping to ensure that they will be around for many more years to come. Alternatively, a senior moving specialist can also advise on how to right-size your new home by helping you get rid of items that may no longer be needed.

As many of us age, specialty furniture and medical equipment become a part of daily life. To ensure that these items are transferred safely to their new destination, it is important to work with a senior moving company that knows how to pad, crate and move sensitive and specialty items properly.

Bekins Van Lines understands these needs, and has taken steps to educate their local agencies on these requirements. Bekins of South Florida was one of the first agencies to complete this training and has become Silver Certified in moving older adults.