As a business owner, you’re probably always looking to reduce expenses in your business. One of the major expenses in any business is income taxes. Because income tax is determined by the state in which your business operates, one definite way to reduce your business expenses is by moving to another state. 

Moving your business to another state also has the added benefit of new employees! Depending on where you choose to relocate your business operations, you may be able to attract more qualified workers. 

Moving your office is a big decision that requires a team of highly-skilled Fort Lauderdale commercial movers on your side. Whether you’re moving to Nevada, North Carolina or to another city within Florida, we have the Fort Lauderdale office movers you can count on for a smooth and seamless office relocation!

Lowering Business Income Tax

Corporate income tax rates as well as personal income tax differ from state to state. In Nevada, the corporate tax rate is only 5.13%. In North Carolina, it’s 6.09% and in Florida it’s 5.94%. The personal income tax rates of these states are 8.4%, 5.71%, and 10% respectively. 

Depending on how your business finances are set up, it may be advantageous for you to live or do business in one state over the other. 

Attracting Talented Employees

All of the states mentioned above offer nice weather throughout most of the year. As part of the southeast, North Carolina and Florida have warm climates and coastal views. Nevada has a semi-arid climate, making it a warm state but not a humid one. 

All three states are great places to settle down and have a family. This makes it possible for business owners to find a variety of talent in any of them! By moving your business to one of these three states, you’re sure to find the employees you need to help your business grow. 

Organized & Efficient Business Moving 

At Bekins of South Florida, our Fort Lauderdale business movers are ready to help you relocate your office to another state. From office furniture moving to fine art/sculpture moving, we have the training necessary to move your items safely and securely. We also help business owners properly code and label special items as well as assemble/dis-assemble modular furniture.

Comprehensive Employee Relocation

We know how much time, effort, and resources go into a corporate move. That’s why we’re committed to handling all aspects of your move with ease. We can even coordinate employee relocations with your HR department if necessary. If you’re a smaller business, we’ll work directly with your employees. 

You can be sure all of your office items are in excellent hands with us. We take care of all packing, furniture wrapping, and custom-crating of fragile items. Our moving and storage methods are the best in the business!

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