Do you want to know how to move your collectibles without damaging them? Below are some useful tips from Fort Lauderdale long-distance movers, Bekins of South Florida. We hope these tidbits will make your move a little easier and safer whether you decide to hire us as your residential movers in Fort Lauderdale or not.

Let’s get to it!

First, you will need to gather the right packing materials for your collection.

When moving collectible items, you will need:

  • Packing Paper
  • Packing Peanuts
  • Bubble Roll
  • Carboard Boxes with Dividers
  • Packing Tape
  • Labels or a Permanent Marker

Tips for Packing Small Collectibles

Take one of your cardboard boxes and line the box with packing peanuts or paper to provide a layer of cushion. Wrap each individual item in packing paper or bubble roll and place the item into the space provided by the dividers. Add another layer of bubble roll or packing paper on top of the packed items, secure the box, and label it. You should also:

  • Watch The Tape: Your collectibles might become damaged if the packing tape comes into contact, so make sure you are only applying tape to the packing materials.
  • Consider Hiring Pro Packers: If your collection is highly valuable or difficult to pack, consider hiring professionals to get the best materials and packing service possible.

Tips for Packing Large Collectibles

Moving large collectibles like models, furniture, and artwork can be more challenging than moving small items. Sometimes you can wrap the item in bubble wrap or plastic if these will not damage the item. You can also wrap the item carefully in a moving blanket to help protect from damage. Additionally:

  • Invest in Custom Crating: Professional movers provide custom crating that is measured to fit the exact size and shape of the item you want to move. This is the best method for keeping large, fragile, and high-value items safe during moving.

Tips for Hiring Professional Movers

Moving everyday items can be challenging. Moving collectibles can be even more difficult, so you might want to hire Fort Lauderdale residential movers to make sure that your move is as safe and hassle-free as possible. If you do hire movers, ask about:

  • Valuation Coverage: All movers provide basic coverage against damage, theft, and loss. However, this coverage is based on weight and not value. This is called Released Value Protection. For protection that covers the actual value of the item, ask about Full Value Protection.
  • Warehouse Storage: If you need more time before having your collection delivered to your new home, ask about warehouse storage. Your collection is stored inside secure vaults within a warehouse facility for as long as you need. Choose a facility with climate-control if your collection is sensitive to moisture and temperatures.

Do you need help from professional movers in Fort Lauderdale?

Bekins of South Florida provides custom moving plans to suit any relocation. We provide full-service packing, partial and fragile-only packing, custom crating, flexible storage options, and more. Contact us today to learn more about our Fort Lauderdale long-distance movers or to get a free estimate of moving costs!