Tips for Avoiding Injury During A Household Move

Are you preparing for a big residential move? Our residential movers in Fort Lauderdale have decades of experience conducting household moves. Through our years of experience, we’ve developed a variety of procedures and policies to ensure our movers are completely safe throughout a big move. 

Here are some of the most important things to remember when you’re preparing so you can avoid getting injured during a move. 

Start the Day Off Right

When you’re getting ready for the big day, prepare your body ahead of time. That means going to sleep early to get a good night’s sleep. Make sure you hydrate well in the morning and eat a balanced breakfast. That way you’ll have stamina throughout the day of the move. 

Wear the Right Clothing

If you’re planning a day full of physical activity like packing and lifting, you’ll want to wear the right clothes. Clothing that is too tight could end up restricting your movement and making it more difficult to move your items. Clothing that is too loose can end up getting snagged on corners and make it hard to maneuver correctly. Most importantly, make sure that you are wearing closed toed shoes. It can be a real hazard to wear shoes that make your toes vulnerable to being smashed.

Use Proper Lifting Techniques

Finally, when it comes time to move your items from place to place, you want to make sure you’re using the proper lifting techniques. By focusing on the fundamentals, you can make sure that you’re not being prone to injury. 

Keep in mind: 

  • Don’t bend over from your back to lift, bend your knees.
  • Make sure you are as close to the item you’re lifting as possible. 
  • Engage your core muscles when you lift, but don’t hold your breath while doing so. 
  • Keep your back straight and avoid twisting your body while lifting.
  • Don't rely on your back muscles for lifting strength - use your leg muscles instead. 

Reach Out to Bekins of South Florida for Your Next Move

If you would prefer to avoid lifting altogether during a move, or if you need professional Fort Lauderdale long distance movers to help you move throughout Florida or across state lines, call Bekins of South Florida. When you call, we can help you plan your move from start to finish and take care of all of the heavy lifting. Don’t let the stress overwhelm you–let us help you get from point a to point b.