Tips for Moving with Children

Where you live is no longer serving the families’ best interests. Maybe the house is too small for a growing family? Or perhaps you are looking elsewhere for better job opportunities? No matter the reasons for wanting to move a household, you may be wondering how it will affect your children.

Relocating to a new city or even state can be a big transition for children. It’s important to think about how this move will impact them and what you can do to make it a little bit easier.

When is the Best Age to Move with Your Children?

Parents often wonder when the best age is to move with their kids. If your goal is minimizing the stress of relocating to another school as much as possible, then moving before the age of 5 is ideal. At this age, children start school and begin to form relationships with their teachers and other children.

In general, it’s best to move as early as possible. So, even if they are now in elementary school, it’s better to move before they go onto the more socially complex environment of middle school and high school.

How Can You Prepare Kids for a Move?

No matter what age your children are before a household relocation, moving can be a stressful and confusing time. It’s important to tell the kids about your plans to move as early as possible. Give them plenty of time to mentally prepare for the move and say goodbye to their friends and house.

Speaking of goodbyes, make sure they have a chance to let their friends know that they’ll be moving. It may also be a good idea to exchange contact information and even set up online contacts with their friends. This way they can stay in touch even at the new home.

How to Make Moving Day Easier for the Kids?

Most parents have two options when it comes to moving day. They can arrange childcare for young children, such as with a grandparent or a babysitter. This way their kids are someplace safe and won’t be in the way of the residential movers.

Another option is to give older children a chance to participate in moving day. First, you’ll need to set down some ground rules for them ahead of the move. For instance, they can’t bother the movers by asking them a lot of questions, or they need to keep the doorways clear for the movers.

Then, you can ask them what job they would like to have during the move. Some common tasks include carrying boxes out of their room to the trunk, minding the family pet and keeping them out of the way, and wiping down or vacuuming rooms after they’re emptied.

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