Hiring a moving company when you’re relocating in South Florida can save you a lot of hassle. However, one thing that’s important to keep in mind is the cost of moving, as rates can influence your decision to choose one company over another. At Bekins, we’re South Florida long-distance movers that pride ourselves on transparent pricing and honest sales tactics.

We’re here to help you get an idea of how to estimate your moving costs so you can get as much information as possible to help you with your relocation.

Pricing Methods for Local Moves

If you’re moving within the state, you can count on the pricing being based on the amount of time that it takes to relocate your items from your current home to your next. Typically, this cost is calculated using a base hourly rate which is multiplied by the number of hours it takes to move your belongings. Additionally, you’ll likely also incur transportation costs such as the fuel expenses for the moving trucks.

Calculating Long-Distance Moves

When you’re moving long distance, your costs will be calculated in a different way. Usually, moving companies charge you based on the weight of your items. How do you determine the weight of all your belongings? A professional estimator at the company will use a computer program to create an inventory of your belongings and determine their estimated weight. This weight plus the carrier’s tariff rate are used in the total transportation cost estimate.

Importance of In-Home Estimates

Getting an in-home estimate is one of the best ways to obtain an accurate quote. Why? Because the moving company can inspect the items in person. The company is also able to look around both your current location and your new home. Seeing the site in person is helpful because the company can determine if they’ll need to charge extra time due to limited elevator space, staircases, etc.

Costs for Extra Services

Don’t forget that you’ll also be charged for additional services like packing and storing your items. These costs can add up because they’ll require additional crew members and will take longer to complete. If you need tape, boxes, wrapping materials, etc., most moving companies have these on hand for a charge. The cost of these materials will be added into your total relocation fee.

Difference Between Binding and Non-Binding Estimates

A binding estimate is one that guarantees the price you’re quoted is the one you pay, subject to legal limits. On the other hand, a non-binding estimate is one that can change if unexpected issues come up during the move. For this reason, binding estimates are typically preferred.

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