Moving to a new home is a big endeavor. Simply packing away all your belongings for safe travel can be a little more head-scratching than you might realize. Anything that is relatively durable, modest in size, and average in weight is easy enough to pack. What gets most homeowners is how to move those large, fragile items like big screen TVs, high-value sculptures, and more. Our long-distance movers have decades of experience in packing these items for ultimate protection. Here are a few tips to help you get the job done right.

How to Pack a Large-Screen TV for Safe Transport

With your big screen tv, the biggest challenge is protecting the screen. You’ll need a screen cover to protect it from scratches. And, you’ll need the appropriate packing materials to ensure that the TV remains in an upright position for the entire trip. Most moving companies sell special big-screen TV moving kits that feature an appropriately sized box, corner guards, screen protectors, and more. We recommend that you make use of the packing materials designed for this purpose.

How to Pack Sculptures & Statues

Custom art like sculptures and statues can be a little more challenging. The problem is that these items are usually very fragile compared to their size. They also feature awkward sizes and delicate features. The best solution is to use custom crating to provide an appropriate compartment that protects the sculpture from interference from other objects during travel. Then, traditional packing materials like the wrap, cushions, and newsprint can be used to add targeted protection inside the crate.

How to Pack Artwork

With artwork, the biggest challenge is to protect the finish of the piece. Start with a layer of acid-free tissue paper to cover the artwork. Then, add foam corner pieces to help the artwork maintain its shape. Once you have the artwork protected, add a cushion by wrapping the piece in bubble wrap.

How to Pack Large Mirrors

The goal with mirrors is to protect the glass from breakage during the move. We recommend using a large, soft blanket as the primary layer of glass protection. We also recommend securing the glass with strips of painter’s tape. This may not prevent it from breaking, but it will limit the mess if it does. After the tape, add a piece of cardboard cushion and then the blanket for padding. Wrap all ends around the mirror and secure with tape. Place in an appropriate size box or crate.

The Bottom Line on Packing Large, Fragile Items

Where there’s a will, there’s a way. Large items might take some innovative thinking, but there are a variety of materials at your disposal for protecting them. Our residential movers can help you choose the best methods for each large, fragile item in your home. Bekins of South Florida has more than 50 years of moving experience. Let our team of professionals help you pack every item with ease. Call to learn more about our scalable household moving services in South Florida today.