Finding a moving company for your next relocation can be challenging, but it's necessary for a successful move. The moving company you pick for the job will make a big difference in how stressful the move is for you. 

When looking for a moving company, an important step in the process is asking the company questions about how they operate. You can better understand if the company is a good fit. 

This article will cover some of the questions you should ask prospective moving companies. 

​How Long Has Your Company Been in Business?

How long a business has been in operation tells a lot about how successful a moving company is during its moves.  A moving company that consistently makes significant mistakes doesn't stay in business very long. If a moving company has several years of experience, you are more likely to have a smooth relocation. 

Can you Tell Me About Your Facility?

If you need storage services during your relocation, this question will tell you what you need to know about their capabilities. Along with their storage space, a dedicated business location will showcase the stability of the moving provider. Most moving companies will be more than happy to provide a tour of their business facilities. 

Do You Have Any Accolades or Affiliations?

An easy way to tell if you are working with a dependable company is by the accolades they've received as a moving company. Awards that a moving company receives will verify its professionalism and trustworthiness. A company's affiliations will also show its dedication to the moving industry. 

​Can I See Some Feedback From Prior Customers?

If you want a glimpse of what it's like to work with a moving company, the past customer reviews will give you an accurate description. When speaking with a moving provider, ask to see a few reviews from previous customers. If the company doesn't have any on-hand, you can see them on trustworthy review platforms.

Can you Describe the Steps you Take to Protect a Property?

Highly-rated moving companies will always take precautions to ensure your property is protected during the relocation. Whether adding padding to the doorways or protecting woodwork, a company should have set precautions. Ask the moving company about what they do during the move to verify their moving steps. 

Can you Explain the Claims Process in the Event Items get Damaged?

Unfortunately, there is always a chance your items arrive damaged at your destination when working with long-distance movers. A moving company will plan for this potential problem and has a detailed claims process. Professional moving companies should also describe Released Value Protection and Full Value Protection. 

Can you Explain your Pricing Policies?

No one likes surprise fees that were not included in the initial written quote for a moving service. When speaking with a moving company, they should be able to describe their pricing policies and calculations. If they have optional services like packing or storage, this should be included in the pricing policy description. 

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