When planning a household move, it's best to plan many of the relocation steps in advance. Planning ahead of the move can help reduce the chances of delays and make moving a smoother experience. 

However, you will need to learn some of the most important things you should do before moving day. This article will cover some tips for planning your upcoming household move. 

​Establish a Packing Schedule

If you have many household items, it can be overwhelming to pack all of them at once. However, you can reduce the stress of packing by creating a schedule leading up to the relocation.

On your packing schedule, you should segment days for different rooms in your house or in importance. By breaking up the packing throughout multiple days, you can feel less overwhelmed when packing your belongings.

Additionally, you can avoid packing your household belongings by working with a full-service mover. A moving company will handle all the heavy lifting and organize your items for transportation. 

​Call Local Utilities to Cancel/Set Up Service

Whether it's your electric utility or internet service provider, you should schedule the cancellation of your services. In most cases, a company will let you plan a specific cancellation date that you can plan beforehand.

Before moving day, you should plan to cancel your current providers and set up service at your next destination. Planning these services can help make a smooth transition at your next property. 

Empty your Pantry/Refrigerator of Excess Food Items

Leading up to the moving day, you should avoid purchasing a lot of groceries and eat the remaining food. Many food items can't be moved due to spoilage, so you will need to eat them beforehand.

Along with eating the food, you can donate non-perishable food items to charity. A local food bank will gladly accept your unopened food items to distribute to those in your area.

Make Arrangements for Children and Pets

You should arrange for someone to watch your children or pets during the relocation if possible. By keeping your children and pets with someone you can trust, you can focus solely on moving your household items.

To avoid last-minute problems, you should plan this arrangement ahead of the moving date. Planning this step early can help ensure someone is available for your moving day.

Start Calling Moving Companies Now

Planning a household move well in advance with a professional moving company is always a good idea. Planning ahead of time allows you to secure a spot on the moving provider's busy schedule.

During the summer season, a household mover is typically the busiest, and you should hire them early. In most cases, you should hire a moving company at least one month before moving day. 

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