When you are looking to move it is not uncommon to throw as much as you can in each box thinking it will make your move faster. However, this can cause complete and utter chaos on the other end of your residential move. One of the most destroyed items we hear about in a do-it-yourself move is fabrics. So many items have fabrics in them and our well-versed team has put together some tips and tricks to help them stay safe.

Special Items

Items such as custom craftwork, quilts, seasonal decorations, or anything that holds special value should be put in plastic bins for optimal safety during a move. Plastic bins and totes offer excellent protection against tears, water damage, and dirt. You can even use plastic bins long-term in your new home when storing these items.

Every-Day Clothing

As professional movers we know that most clothing can be packed away in large or mid-sized moving boxes. However, if you are packing away denim or leather items, be careful of the weight limitations on every box. You do not want your clothing to get messy if your box breaks outside. We also suggest leaving your clothes in your dresser for your next long-distance move, your dresser drawers can be closed with professional moving bands that will keep you clothes safe.

Dresses & Suits

Items that are dry clean only should be kept as wrinkle free as possible during your next residential move. We suggest getting a wardrobe box that has a met rod in it for hanging items. This will keep you from having to fold up clothing that is normally hung up. You can get these boxes at any moving supply or hardware store. Professional moving companies may even add these items for free. 


It is not super common for homeowners to move their curtains, but that doesn’t mean it does not happen! You can minimize curtain wrinkling by putting them on a hanger and placing them in plastic. This will also help protect against dirt. If the curtains are not too long you may be able to hang them up in a wardrobe box. 

Box Springs & Mattresses

When you move it is important to cover your mattress and box spring during transportation. The most affordable option is to use plastic bags for moving, but if you are looking for the easiest way to move these items, cardboard boxes are the best way to go. Cardboard mattress boxes also offer better protection from tearing.

Fabric & Leather Furniture

Most furniture is not safe to transport without proper protection. The best way to protect these items is through plastic shrink wrap. Professional movers also use moving pads and large rubber bands inside the trucks to keep the furniture items safe from items falling on them and accidental tears.

Fabric Artwork & Antique Furniture

Any high price pieces of furniture and artwork should be moved through custom crating. You do not want to open your moving truck at your new location and see your valuable items destroyed. At Bekins of South Florida we offer custom crating solutions for all customers. Even if you want to move yourself let us ensure your items are safe for transport. Call us today and we would love to get you a free full-service moving estimate today.