Commercial moving is a complicated task that needs a lot of give and take. Not all commercial moving companies are made to complete all types of commercial moving needs. At Bekins of South Florida we take extra care to make sure we have all the equipment our customers need to be successful and as a Bekins Van Lines agent, we know we can do every relocation project with ease. From hospitality to small store fronts, our commercial moving company is always up for a new challenge.

Hotel Relocation and FF&E Services

Last year Bekins of South Florida helped complete a Lauderdale Four Seasons. Our team took the time and energy needed to make sure this furniture delivery went perfectly. From booking the right equipment to planning out how to properly unpack our large moving trucks, the project manager at our commercial moving company had every scenario covered.

Our commercial movers have also completed a variety of FF&E deliveries. We offer a large warehouse that can take care of any of your storage needs while also offering high-end shipping and delivery services. If you are looking for a white glove service, our commercial movers can even install the furniture we deliver onsite.

Headquarters Relocation

Bekins of Florida has successfully moved an entire company’s headquarters for a variety of reasons. Whether you are looking to downsize or expand, our licensed and insured moving team can get it done with minimal down time to your company. One of our best headquarter moves was done with Sheltair Aviation. Our team efficiently moved this company into a space which fit their brand and style effectively. Our organized moving team made their relocation seamless.

Office Commercial Moving

One of the best parts about working with Bekins of South Florida on your next office move includes the option for furniture assembly and disassembly. We find that most office spaces have a lot of desks and cubicles that need to be torn down and set back up at the new office space. Each one of our commercial moves comes with an assigned moving coordinator who will help you plan out your new space before your next move. This will make moving in as efficient as possible.

Premium Commercial Deliveries

Bekins of South Florida was able to take part in the elections this past year by delivering voting equipment to different voting stations throughout the state. Our organized moving and storage company is able to complete important and time sensitive jobs due to our excellent time management skills.

If you are looking for Florida’s best commercial moving company, Bekins of South Florida is the place to call. Our customer care team will get you set up with the best commercial moving package for your specific service needs. Call now for a free quote.