Packing your garage for a move is not any different than packing your house. It is best to make a plan of attack and know how you will do it before you start. Having a plan before you start will make the task easier than if you dive in head first. We will be looking at the more common items you will find in the average garage and what you can do to make packing them more manageable.  

1. Grills and Griddles

This is a simple one to start with as there isn’t anything special that you need to deal with. When placing your items on the moving trailer, ensure the wheels are appropriately locked or strapped down. To avoid any damage to the inside of your grill, you can remove the grates from the inside. If you have a propane grill, it is not recommended that you move with the tank for safety reasons. Most retailers that sell propane will purchase your tank from you.

2. Tools and Tool Chests

Most tool chests today have the ability to lock all the drawers and cabinets. When you put them on the moving truck, ensure that they are locked so that your tools aren’t spilled during transit, causing damage to your tools or other possessions. For your larger free-standing power tools, you may need to contact your local professional moving company, Bekins of South Florida, for example, to set up a crating option to make sure that they arrive at your new residence unharmed.

3. Motorcycles, Automobiles

Just because it looks like your motorbike won’t take up much room on the moving truck doesn’t mean that this is the best course of action. Bikes are easy to knock over, causing damage to not only your bike but to anything else it will crash into. Your best bet is to get crating option like mentioned before to ensure its safe delivery.

Many people have collectible cars or an expensive automobile that they don’t want to burden with the extra mileage when moving, especially if it’s a longer move across the country. Luckily, most professional moving trailers have enough room for cars to be transported safely. As an added form of protection, ask your moving company if they have any added reimbursement protections you can purchase in case there are any unforeseen damages during transport.

4. Paint and Flammable liquids

Do not move with any of these items; doing so is a safety hazard. Like the propane tanks mentioned before, do not travel with these for obvious safety issues. Call around to your local business to find one that will dispose of these items responsibly and adequately.

5. Unwanted Items

If you find yourself with an abundance of items that you do not want t pack and move, there are a few things that you can do. If you find yourself with any large pieces of metal, you can haul them to your local scrapyard for an extra bit of cash. For everything that is in proper working order, you can consider donating to local charities that could benefit from your donations.  

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