Bekins of South Florida has been working with families and businesses throughout the Ft. Lauderdale area for more than 50 years! We love it here: we love the weather, the people and the attractions. Most importantly, we love bringing it all together for newcomers to the area.

As a premier moving company in Ft. Lauderdale, we’re always being asked questions about the area. Families that are new to Ft. Lauderdale want to know where to take the kids (or just themselves) to relax a little bit and take the edge off of moving. Here are our three most unique suggestions:

1. Everglades Holiday Park:

If you’ve ever watched Animal Planet, you’ve probably heard of the Gator Boys. These guys have their own show on the network, where they discuss and demonstrate everything gator – and most of the shows are filmed right here in Everglades Holiday Park. It’s a pristine setting to watch and observe alligators and crocodiles in: beautiful, quiet, safe and absolutely exhilarating. You won’t find anything like it anywhere else!

2. International Swimming Hall of Fame:

Here’s a place that you definitely won’t come across anywhere else by Ft. Lauderdale: the International Swimming Hall of Fame. This one-of-a-kind “facility with history” is home to Olympic-quality swimming pools as well as memorabilia and history that you won’t find anywhere else. Often visited by presidents, celebrities and athletes for its ability to inspire and encourage, the International Swimming Hall of Fame will have you completely enthralled, whether you’re a swimmer or not.

3. Secret Woods Nature Center:

As the name implies, Secret Woods is a secluded, little-known place where people come to relax, learn, stroll or just spend some quality time with the family. Situated on State Road 84, near the airport and I95, SWNC doesn’t receive as much attention as we thing it deserves – but that’s not necessarily such a bad thing, as visitors who love tranquility and peace can certainly attest to.

For more information, call the Ft. Lauderdale movers at Bekins – they’ll help you make an informed decision about your first family outing. You can also ask about our services – moving and/or storage – we’ll be happy to fill you in on everything you need to know, providing a free consultation and no-obligation quote. Call or click now!